We have a rising star in our membership

UPDATE: The previously announced first place winner of the PANZ Short Play Competition has written to say that he belatedly read the Rules and should now let them know that his play contravenes Rule 8: The play must not have been performed before a paying audience before 1 May 2017.

Shona Wilson, author of our 2016 winter play, ‘Paperless’ has now won first prize in the PANZ short play competition 2017 with her new play, ‘The Gift Shop’. This will be on stage somewhere in NZ alongside the other winning entries. Also, Stratford High School’s drama department will be performing her play for teenagers, ‘Call Me Anna

New Website

After months of organising and meetings, we have finally got our new website up and running.

A massive thanks to Dave Pope for the new design. We still have more functionality to add on the near future which includes the way we handle memberships, hireage and payments. We will also be trying as hard as we can to get historical information up about past shows and the like.

In the meantime, have a look around and feel free to give us some feedback,