by Lorae Parry and Pinky Agnew

Three women win $10,000 from the Goddess of Lotto.... What would you do?

It’s about life, love, lust and Lotto.
Sex Drive is a fast-paced comedy, which tells the story of three women. They work together in a chicken factory in New Zealand, Pack ‘n Pullet Poultry.
Their Lucky Plucky Cluck-Cluck Syndicate wins a second-division Lotto prize. At first they’re elated, until they realise it’s not enough for any of them to improve their lot in life. It’s only when they decide to pool their winnings to start a small business that they scent success and see a way out of the Poultry Factory.
A rollicking truck ride, sex toys as kitchen utensils, a gambling debt, and a Christian conversion all make appearances. Love is won – and lost – before all is revealed in a grand finale that celebrates sensuality in a storm of satin and Palpitating Papillions.


Sunday 30th July at 2pm


22nd November – 16th December
No Sundays or Mondays

Cast of 5 women & 2 men are required
Ages can be ranging from mid 20’s to 60’s.

Rehearsals begin in September

If you would like to peruse the script or be part of the back stage team,
please contact Sharren Read
027 255 4124