We have successfully cast NOISES OFF!

Viv Baty as Dotty/Mrs Clackett 
John Lawson as Lloyd
Nigel Colless as Garry/Roger
Chris Watson as Frederick/Phillip 
Charlotte Ward as Belinda/Flavia 
April Krijger as Poppy 
Shawn Stanley as Tim 
Kelvin Stephens as Selsdon/Burglar 
Kelsi Freer as Brooke/Vicki

Director, Stella McCallum, said “It was one of the most difficult things I had to do as we had so much talent at auditions – as those of you who attended will know. I hope this bodes well for the success of the production”

Lighting! You just wouldn’t believe how the dimmers worked. The dimmers in those days were large glass jars full of saline solution and they had metal plates… Evie Atkinson used to work them on strings. And they used to raise these out of the jars and the lights would dim.

Noel Baty
Describing the old primitive lighting

Saturday 17th February 2018

Call out to all members!!

With the TOSCARS coming up soon we are looking for some members to get up and perform a little skit, recite a poem, anything you like. If you are interested let us know ASAP and we will get in touch.

A good prompt will always know… usually you can tell by their eyes, because if someone really needs a prompt, the eyes go absolutely glazed and you can tell the stress…

If you prompt when they don’t want it – you are wrong. If you don’t prompt when they do want it – you are wrong. And if you do the job perfectly no one takes any notice of you and no one knows you are there, at all.

Sylvia May
View on being a Prompt


Singer Songwriters at New Plymouth Little Theatre

Last Friday of each month, February to November – Free entry – Doors 7pm – Original music from local artists.
Voted in the Top 50 things to do in Taranaki.

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Music Concerts

New Plymouth Little Theatre hosts a number of music concerts throughout the year.